Appointment Process

  1. Participant: go to the Gallery prior to your appointment
  2. Fill out the top of the In-Take form (in 3-ring binder) and give to the Artist
  3. Session (20-25 minutes)
  4. Artist to fill out bottom of In-Take form
  5. Go to the house with Artist and artwork
  6. Artist to document artwork:
    _1 photograph for the website +
    _1 photograph with the chalkboard with artwork ID#
  7. Artist to package artwork, if necessary
  8. Collage Office will send a thank you email to Participants with links to donation* sites after appointment.

*Donations made in exchange for artwork will be directed to A Long Walk Home (70%), and The Franklin (30%), causes chosen as a group by the artists. The Franklin’s donation link still to come.

Thank you for your participation!